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Could you draw pepper and tony either 1. on a date or 2. with a baby ?



here you go anon ovo

Lol this is my husband and I. We are own Pepperony. ;3

Haha. Ok going to bed now.

Ok going to bed now.

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Hahaha I love this show.

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a New Tiara

I’m so glad they did this. :3

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More pics of my ragdoll boy Nemo’s outdoor adventures this summer.

And in case you wonder what exactly is going on in the last image - we are playing fetch… :D

So much Nimbus going on here. I wish I was able to capture her the way this ragdoll has been captured but she acts like this too. We play fetch as well.

So cute. :3 Aww

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tony and pepper pusheens OMG

So cute.

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Just posted 150 pictures of pretty yukata on the streets of Harajuku during the Jingu Gaien Fireworks Festival. We love Harajuku’s fun atmosphere during the festival - and we love seeing all of the colorful summer yukata on the street. Hope you enjoy the pics!

If you it were up to you, how would you have written the ending to "Breaking Dawn?" Or what would you have fixed/changed (in any of the books)?


If I had to stick with everything else that happened up until the end of BD, I’d just re-write it as a trial.  Instead of the Volturi marching on Forks (???), the Cullens would be summoned to Volterra.  They gather witnesses on their way. When they arrive, Caius orders Jane to torture various members of the Cullens and their witnesses into false confessions of guilt, but Bella uses her shield to protect them.  I guess Alice can still arrive at the last minute with one last witness and the Volturi are forced to declare the Cullens innocent and everyone goes home.

A peaceful ending isn’t the problem.  It’s very in keeping with the Cullens’ (or at least Carlisle’s) whole philosophy.  Going on and on for half a book about the big battle that is going to happen and then having it be averted (but only to promise that the Volturi won’t forgive this and will be back again someday) is the problem.  Nothing is resolved. If it were always framed as a trial, then a “not guilty” verdict WOULD have resolved it and no one would have been expecting a bloodbath.

If I could “fix” everything?  No sparkling (the sun is mildly painful so they avoid it, OR if we want to go with something more mystical, it’s like Dorian Gray, and the sun reveals the ‘true’ face of the vampire, with every kill and evil act making them uglier and less human) and no baby.  Renesmee was overkill.  Bella didn’t need or want a kid.  If all she needed/wanted was Edward, then that’s all she should get.  She is turned on their honeymoon while in perfect health.  The “emergency transformation” undermined all the worrying about choice in Eclipse. She made her choice and she and Edward made their compromises, they should have had to face the consequences. She’s like any other newborn or only slightly better.  She slips up once and is horrified but now that she understands what the Cullens were trying to warn her about, she is more determined than ever to never do it again.

I’d end it with an epilogue where Bella (as a vampire) comes back to Forks/La Push and she looks in on Charlie, who has married Sue and is playing with Jacob and Leah’s children—his step-grandchildren. Bella smiles sadly and Edward apologizes for turning her into a vampire and she tells him that she doesn’t regret it.  That she is glad Charlie and Jacob are happy, but that’s the life they wanted, not the one she did. She gets to be with Edward, and that’s more than enough.  The end.

This is now my canon ending for Breaking Dawn. :)



IT’S JASPER TIME at the request of percy-in-my-pants

my other Twilight one

Regardless of my feelings about Twilight, Jasper is pretty cool.

save a horse, ride a cowboy




Jasper is my boy. :)

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literally what this website did to some of you

LolAlso that ancient Photoshop.


literally what this website did to some of you

Also that ancient Photoshop.

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