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"Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up!"
Sailor Moon’s Transfomations 3/6

One of my favourites. :)

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"Venus Love and Beauty Shock!"
Sailor Venus’s Attacks 4/4

That’s my girl. :3

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I usually don’t post pictures of myself. But I wanted to share this cool hair clip I got at the Irish Festival last week. :)

It was a lot of fun and I’m rather proud of my Irish side. :3 

I usually don’t post pictures of myself. But I wanted to share this cool hair clip I got at the Irish Festival last week. :)

It was a lot of fun and I’m rather proud of my Irish side. :3 

Less Shooting days. Had time to knock up my wife
— Robert Downey Jr. on what it was like having to share the spotlight with so many? (x)  (via brynndowney)

I was trying to find the gif set but I couldn’t. Has anyone seen it?

Anyways, this reminded me of my husband. I told him about the quote and he laughed. We’ve been talking about kids for a few years now, more seriously this year, and I could imagine him being braggy when I’m pregnant and we’re expecting. :) He’s excited to be a dad.

I’m the Pepper Potts to his Tony Stark. :)

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I’m not kidding. Thanks to this post I am able to kinda communicate in English

I have to remember these points because I’m falling behind in my Japanese studies.

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those mutual follows where you’ve never spoken but you quietly reblog things from each other every now and then


Thanks all, I appreciate it. :)

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ring around the rosie

pocket full of


I miss this show.

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Their friendship reminds me of myself and my BFF.

She needs to watch this with me soon.

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In episode 2 of Crystal, Mamoru is still wandering around in his tuxedo. And no one questions it. Just… *facepalm*

As much as I’m enjoying this reboot, it’s bugging me that they haven’t really bothered to fix some of the story problems. Like Usagi finds out she’s a magical girl and she doesn’t…

In the manga Mamoru is supposed to spy on people at night too, so it sort of makes sense, since that’s his costume. But I think they did show him at school sometimes so hopefully they’ll show him out of his tuxedo soon.

I agree about the characterization too. I think PGSM handled it a bit better and I was getting some vibes from this episode since they showed Ami’s perspective more than from Usagi’s like in the original anime. Though I wish they would have changed a few things up a bit because it still felt like I was watching the old anime. I like that it’s faithful to the manga, as was the original at first, but at the same time I wish they’d approach it in a different manner.

What was also missing from this episode were Sailor Moon’s facial expressions that were shown in the first episode preview. I was expecting to see more range this time from Usagi but she’s still taking botox.

But he’s just wandering around during the day in his tux D:  It’s so conspicuous that I have no idea how he hopes to do any “spying.”

I haven’t seen the original anime in a while, but I’m pretty sure they took much longer to introduce all the sailor soldiers, and I think I liked that better; with them introducing one character after another, it makes the pacing feel too fast, and it doesn’t allow the story to develop any of the other characters or ideas that were introduced earlier.  In that respect, it reminds me more of the live action series, which I gave up on after after about 8 episodes, since there wasn’t enough drama/suspense to sustain interest (though it did a better job at developing Usagi and Mamoru’s relationship).  Really, that’s what this series needs: more drama, more internal conflict, etc.  It dives into the plot before we get to know the characters, and then the plot isn’t really clear unless you’re already familiar with the whole Sailor Moon universe. 

Sorry for the delay. I’m bad at responding to Tumblr conversations; they’re rare. =)

I believe Mamoru does his own investigations at night in the tux (it’s the same tux as he wears in the daytime) so it I guess for animation purposes they did that, and also someone said it was different in this episode but I didn’t see that.

You’re correct that they did take their time to introduce the other senshi. Since Hulu is showing the original, you can find the exact number, but I believe for Mercury’s introduction it was around episode 11 or so. They’re definitely following the manga in this regard because the pacing in that is not slow.

Hopefully they will give us good filler (which would be the Silver Millenium and semi-canon romance of the Generals and Inners; that last part is my hope haha) but it doesn’t look like they’re going to break this pattern just yet.

I enjoyed PGSM because it felt like the manga (which is why SMC feels like PGSM at times to me, a rehash of a rehash) but it was cheesy and did end up devleloping the characters better in some respects than the anime/manga (ie Dark Mercury). They may have more conflict since Venus is supposed to be the leader in this iteration, so hopefully that will develop something other than a simple acceptance of it all. I’m hoping Usagi will be shocked and want more info than just going along with everything.

It’s hard for me to be confused or less interested with the plot (ie SMC or PGSM) because I’m familiar with the story and I know what’s coming. I do agree though that to someone not familiar with it would think that the characters are awfully shallow. Hopefully with 26 episodes allotted they’ll develop them beyond what we’ve seen in the anime/manga/musicals and PGSM.